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January 19, 2008

Draft Ideas

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This post is an artifact of when this blog was a parallel draft blog for Raleigh Nature at it’s original url. This url became the home site on June 29, 2008.


Initial welcome topics: 

1/1/08 Here at the draft blog (If YOU are here thank you so much for exploring my site) I will throw out some upcoming topics:  1) Yates Mill Pond – big topic with history, dam failure, park, tree walk, NCSU. (posted) 2) Pigeon House Creek and downtown wildlife, with a few nesting sites thrown in  3) Lions Park and its geological strike point  4) Hemlock Bluffs “exotica” portrait   5) Person Street’s history as “business US One” and the true spine of the city  6) Mordecai House, Raleigh farming history, and city springs, 7) Mills Across Raleigh: How did you think those roads got their name?  8) Where Have All the Pigeons Gone? –  including the Peanut Man Who Peddled Drugs out of his hot box and free city birth control for birds  9)  Raleigh’s growing hawk population: where some of the pigeons went and man, I love those big birds  10) Dix resolved? we will see.

More 1/18/08

Sustainable farming, heritage agriculture, local farm-food systems, urban food gardening.

invasive species and native expansions. kudzu, stilt-grass, hydrilla and coyotes. don’t start me on the pond-bred trout.

 Daily Coyote

Long leaf pine at Falls




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