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September 16, 2010

Mushroom Madness

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Heavy (though quite sporadic) rains have brought a veritable plethora of mushrooms this summer. Below is a taste – the whole set of them is over on the Natural History of Raleigh Photos.

These twin babies, found in Cedar Hills Park, might get much bigger.  Check out the grapefruit sized monster below, which was part of a faerie ring at my school, The Fletcher Academy.

North Carolina’s Piedmont and Coastal Plain boasts over fifty speciesof mushrooms, according to the Duke Mycology page.  I would not begin to identify positively any of these, but they are fun to examine and track as they release their spores and decay.

The shelf or turkey-tail mushrooms above are also from Cedar Hills Park, contiguous with the TFA campus and often visited by “Mr. DJ” and his students.  Below is an ancient, algae encrusted shelf mushroom from the other end of my life’s spectrum – the parking lot at Sadlacks!

The faeries must have had a wild time in THIS circle.  Found in the Capitol Square in downtown Raleigh.  A reminder: mushrooms form these circles because the parent organism, consisting of thousands of intertwined undergound threads, has a central core and radiates outward in all directions.  The mushrooms we see are the spore-producing “fruits” of that organism.

Mushroom photo album

Duke photo site for NC Mushrooms

July 2008 Mushroom post


July 22, 2008

The Domain of Mushrooms –

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     We have had plentiful rain, in the short run, at least, and when I saw a couple of mushrooms in a row I decided to go on a mushroom walk.  Not much to say:  I am blogging from the library on a timeclock and I don’t know anything about mushroom i.d.  Here they are and we’ll sort them out later.  But what a variety!  And what change in any one over time….now I’ve had time to look at my National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms – and I’m not about to tell you a positive i.d. on any mushroom!  Don’t eat any of them!!  Unless you are an expert or with an expert.  I will try some if T.P. or Katie and Russ have some to share, but I sure don’t trust my judgment.   Fun to watch, though.  And remind yourself the mushrooms we see are just the fruiting body (spore producer) of the fungus organism –  a whole network of tiny filaments in the ground or, more likely, in the dead plant material, especially wood.

Mushrooms are in the kingdom of Fungi in the domain of Eukarya.

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These pictures were taken at Cedar Hills Park and Fred Fletcher Park.

 August mountain trip with lots of shrooms!

Sept. 2010 Mushroom Madness post

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