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July 22, 2008

The Domain of Mushrooms –

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     We have had plentiful rain, in the short run, at least, and when I saw a couple of mushrooms in a row I decided to go on a mushroom walk.  Not much to say:  I am blogging from the library on a timeclock and I don’t know anything about mushroom i.d.  Here they are and we’ll sort them out later.  But what a variety!  And what change in any one over time….now I’ve had time to look at my National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms – and I’m not about to tell you a positive i.d. on any mushroom!  Don’t eat any of them!!  Unless you are an expert or with an expert.  I will try some if T.P. or Katie and Russ have some to share, but I sure don’t trust my judgment.   Fun to watch, though.  And remind yourself the mushrooms we see are just the fruiting body (spore producer) of the fungus organism –  a whole network of tiny filaments in the ground or, more likely, in the dead plant material, especially wood.

Mushrooms are in the kingdom of Fungi in the domain of Eukarya.

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These pictures were taken at Cedar Hills Park and Fred Fletcher Park.

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